Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I'd made this just for fun, although was the most desapointed movie in years.
I don't know why but i put many expectations on this film, maybe because the project was been doing from long time ago and pitched by many hands or the good cast included Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe.
The look of the film and the score was amazing but the script really was one of the worse that i ever seeing on film in my life. David Goyer and Zach Snyder put these terribly ideas on a great memorably character and results in a really biggest stupid movie.

The movie is about a sad and resentful alien who was adopted and raised by a selfish man who teach him to hide his super powers no matter what, but suddenly find his biological father from Krypton who impulse to use his power just to play with and becomes to super selfish man. He consult to his shepherd like a good christian and he tells him to do whatever his heart want, so Zod comes to bother him and makes him more angry so fight together to destroy the entire city of Metropolis and Smallville whit so much CGI to through away, between all devastation he fall in love with a pretty hot reporter Lois Lane because... Zach Snyder want it. Crap!

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